PD Dr. Dario Cazzoli

SNSF Ambizione Fellow / Deputy Head Eyelab

University of Bern, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Gerontechnology & Rehabilitation

+41 31 632 4697
Postal Address
Gerontechnology & Rehabilitation Group
ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research
Murtenstrasse 50
3010 Bern

Education and Academic Career:

  • Venia docendi, Medical Faculty, University of Bern, CH (2016)
  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Ambizione Fellow, Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation Group, University of Bern, CH (2014-today)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford, UK (2011-2014)
  • Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) in Neurosciences, Medical Faculty, University of Bern, CH (2011)
  • Licentiate (MSc equivalent) in Psychology, University of Bern, CH (2007)
  • Basic studies (BSc level) in Psychology, University of Fribourg, CH (2004)

Honors and Awards:

  • Pfizer Research Award, Clinical Neurosciences, 2013
  • Ypsomed Innovation Award for Research and Development, 3rd place, 2010
  • Recognition Award for Excellent Graduation, Human Sciences Faculty, University of Bern, 2007


  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Ambizione Fellowship (2014-today)
  • National Institute for Health Research (UK), Research Capability Fund (2014, Named Researcher)
  • Holcim Foundation for the Advancement of the Scientific Research (2013)
  • Janggen-Pöhn Foundation (2012)
  • Fellowship for Prospective Researchers, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) (2011-2012)
Number of items: 43.

Journal Article

Meichtry, Jurka; Cazzoli, Dario; Chaves, Silvia; von Arx, Sebastian; Pflugshaupt, Tobias; Kalla, Roger; Bassetti, Claudio; Gutbrod, Klemens; Müri, René (2017). Pure optic ataxia and visual hemiagnosia - extending the dual visual hypothesis (In Press). Journal of neuropsychology Wiley 10.1111/jnp.12119

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Chechlacz, Magdalena; Humphreys, Glyn W; Cazzoli, Dario (2016). Spatial and non-spatial aspects of visual attention: Interactive cognitive mechanisms and neural underpinnings. Neuropsychologia, 92, pp. 1-6. Elsevier 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2016.08.002

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Wantz, Andrea Laura; Martarelli, Corinna; Cazzoli, Dario; Kalla, Roger; Müri, René Martin; Mast, Fred (2016). Disrupting frontal eye-field activity impairs memory recall. NeuroReport, 27(6), pp. 374-378. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 10.1097/WNR.0000000000000544

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Conference or Workshop Item

Savic, Branislav; Cazzoli, Dario; Müri, René; Meier, Beat (19 July 2016). Implicit task sequence learning and consolidation: a continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) study (Unpublished). In: 6th Internation conference on Memory (ICOM-6). Budapest, Hungary. 17.07.-22.07.2016.

Martarelli, Corinna; Wantz, Andrea Laura; Cazzoli, Dario; Kalla, Roger; Müri, René Martin; Mast, Fred (22 January 2015). The functional involvement of the oculomotor system in object memory revealed by TMS over the frontal eye field (Unpublished). In: 10th Annual Meeting Clinical Neuroscience Bern (CNB). Bern, Switzerland. 22.01.2015.

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