Perception and Eye Movement Laboratory

Titleimage: Perception and Eye Movement Laboratory

Welcome to the website of the Perception and Eye Movement Laboratory (Eye Lab). The Eye Lab is a research unit of the Division of Cognitive and Restorative Neurology of the University Hospital of Neurology and the Department of Clinical Research of the University of Bern.

In our research lab, which exists now since more than 15 years, we focus on the neurophysiology of visual perception and cognition in humans.

We study the control mechanisms of eye movements in humans using state-of-the-art and novel eye-movement measurement tools. Non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS) is used to investigative the physiology and pathophysiology of normal subjects and patients with isolated cerebral lesions. Also, we aim at a better understanding of visual exploration strategies in patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases as well as in normal subjects. In recent work, we develop systematic approaches to study how and to what extend brain injury affects higher cognitive functions (i.e. creativity).

The Perception and Eye Movement Laboratory has pooled its research activities together with the Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation Group (GER Group), which is a joint-research effort of the University Hospital of Neurology (Prof. Dr. med. René Müri), the University Hospital of Old Age Psychiatry and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research (Prof. Dr. sc. Tobias Nef). On this webpage, the Eye Lab and the GER Group together present their current research activities.

Prof. Dr. René Martin Müri                     Prof. Dr. Thomas Nyffeler